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We have had a number of questions come up recently regarding our clarification of photo use policy that was sent to publications and all graphic designers that we work with across all breeds. This document will hopefully provide a clarification of our long standing policies, to serve as a refresher on how high resolution images are to be used when they are sent for the purpose of an advertisement. As most of you know we offer our images several different ways and try to make it easy and cost effective for customers to use our images in advertisements. It seems now there are some concerns and confusion regarding how to purchase your images when advertising, please know that for the purpose of advertising nothing has changed. You can continue to purchase photos the way you always have and we will send them to the publications or graphic designer of your choice. Here are the points that we feel need clarification:

* As always any retouching to the horse or rider needs to be completed by us in order to maintain the integrity of your image.

* The point that needed clarification was when it comes to reproducing the image outside the parameters of the print or online advertisement. We are talking about banners, posters, and all other enlargements. Schatzberg Photo offers a myriad of photo products such as these without the additional expense of purchasing a high resolution image. But if you prefer to work with a third party provider, you can upgrade your previously purchased image to a high resolution, copyright released image for a nominal fee (between $60-$75).

* A question that has come up recently is whether or not a high resolution image needs to be purchased in order to use the image in an advertisement. The answer is not necessarily.

* Whenever we are asked to send an image to a graphic designer or publication for advertisement that image is always a "high res image".

* If you place an order for a photograph with us at the show and direct it to the publication at the show, there is no transfer fee accessed.

*If the photo is ordered after the show and directed to a publication, the transfer fee is an additional $15 per transfer. 

* The publication will receive the image for your ad to meet their deadlines, usually within 24 hours.

* If you would like lifetime access to your image or actually "own" the image you have the option to purchase the high resolution option which includes a full copyright release ($75-$150 per image).

* We do offer fantastic discounts when the order is placed at the show for multiple high resolutions images, so be sure to stop by the photo booth. We know it can get confusing at times on what can and can't be done with images in the digital age. Please let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me directly at howie@howardschatzberg.com or you can call 480-595-2865. If you wish to email either Megan or Jane, you can do so at megan@howardschatzberg.com and jane@howardschatzberg.com respectfully. 

Below you will see some general information regarding the definition of copyright law.

Definition of a Copyright : a copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to authors of "original works of authorship." This includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other creative works. Material not protected by copyright (or otherwise protected) is available for use by anyone without the author's consent. A copyright holder can prevent others from copying, performing or otherwise using the work without his or her consent.

Who Owns Copyrights? Immediately upon the creation of a work in a fixed form, a copyright exists for the author or creator of the work. An author or creator can register the copyright as soon as it is created or can wait until it is published. Registration may be made at any time within the life of the copyright. 


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